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The Palestinian People: Seeking Sovereignty and State

Mustafa Kabha
The Palestinian People: Seeking Sovereignty and State
ISBN: 978-1-58826-882-2
ISBN: 978-1-62637-874-2
2013/399 pages/LC: 2013010904


Mustafa Kabha plumbs the complex story of the Palestinian people, from the revolts of 1936-1939 to the present, focusing on their efforts to establish a viable independent state—and the internal factors that have thwarted them.

With unparalleled access to primary sources, as well as secondary material in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, Kabha provides an abundance of new information in a sweeping historical context.  Uniquely combining his overarching narrative with the narratives of the multiple Palestinian communities throughout the Middle East, he makes a groundbreaking contribution to our understanding of the political, social, and cultural dimensions of Palestinian history.


Mustafa Kabha is associate professor of history at the Open University of Israel. He has published numerous books and articles in Arabic, and his publications in English include The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders: Media and Conflicts in Israel and The Palestinian Press as Shaper of Public Opinion.


  • Introduction.
  • The 1936-1939 Revolt and the Legacy of Disintegration.
  • 1939-1945: Times of Confusion and Stagnation.
  • 1945-1948: First Signs of Revival Before the Tempest.
  • The War of 1948: The Nakba.
  • From Nakba to Naksa: 1948-1967.
  • In the Wake of the June1967 Defeat.
  • The Confrontation with Jordan.
  • Establishing "Fatahland."
  • The PLO at Home and Abroad.
  • In the Lebanese Maelstrom. Arafat Loses Ground.
  • The Move to Tunisia.
  • The First Intifada and Progress Toward Oslo.
  • The Oslo Accords: Leading Where?
  • The Struggle Between Fatah and Hamas.
  • The Palestinians in the Whirlwind of the Arab Spring.
  • Afterword.