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The Political Economy of Regionalism in Southern Africa

Margaret C. Lee
The Political Economy of Regionalism in Southern Africa
ISBN: 978-1-58826-224-0
2003/288 pages/LC: 2003060650
7 x 10 format
A related title: Politics in Southern Africa edited by Gretchen Bauer and Scott D. Taylor.

"Stylistically and substantially, this is a first-rate book on the political economy of the southern African region." —Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo, Journal of African and Asian Studies

"An important contribution to the study of regionalism in southern Africa.... No single volume contains as much information." —James J. Hentz, European Journal of Development Research


In the face of increasing economic globalization, the countries of southern Africa have made commitments to enhanced regional development and the integration of their economies. Margaret Lee examines the challenges to regionalism in southern Africa, providing a critical assessment of the prospects for successful implementation.

Lee's detailed study of the processes driving (or inhibiting) regional integration is firmly grounded in the history of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Her analysis of the evolution of the SADC regional economy, as well as its political, social, and economic contexts, is a major contribution to debates about the merits and pitfalls of regionalism and options for African integration.


Margaret C. Lee is associate professor of African studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


  • Foreword—Joaquim Alberto Chissano.
  • Africa and the Political Economy of Regionalism.
  • From Coordination Conference to Development Community.
  • Overview of Southern African Trade Relations.
  • Free Trade Agreement.
  • Investment.
  • Further Marginalisation or Integration?
  • The European Union and Southern Africa.
  • The Way Forward.
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