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The Politics of EU Police Cooperation: Toward a European FBI?

John D. Occhipinti
The Politics of EU Police Cooperation: Toward a European FBI?
ISBN: 978-1-58826-118-2
2003/286 pages/LC: 2003041369

"Occhipinti explores a vitally important and topical aspect of European integration. Blending theory and narrative analysis, his book examines the development of police cooperation since the 1970s.... a most important contribution to the literature."—Desmond Dinan, George Mason University


Will the European Union soon have a policing agency similar to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation? John Occhipinti traces the evolution of the European Police Office (Europol), bringing to life the core themes—e.g., the tension between supranationalism and intergovernmentalism, concerns over the "democratic deficit" in the EU, and the impact of enlargement—in the study of European integration.

Occhipinti draws from competing theories of European integration to explain the development of supranationalism in European police cooperation. Considering forces stemming from both within and outside of the EU and reflecting concerns over international terrorism and transnational organized crime, he explores the roles played by key actors and events at every stage of Europol's development, from the initial creation of the Trevi Group in 1975 to mid-2002. His work is a major contribution not only to the literature on Third Pillar issues, but also to an understanding of the deepening of European integration overall.


John D. Occhipinti is professor of political science at Canisius College.


  • Introduction: Police Cooperation in the European Union.
  • Conceptualizing European Integration.
  • From the Trevi Group to the Third Pillar.
  • The Europol Convention and the Treaty of Amsterdam.
  • Checking the Scoreboard: Progress After Tampere.
  • Crime Fighting Before September 11.
  • Reacting to Terrorism.
  • Maintaining Momentum.
  • The Lessons of EU Police Cooperation.
  • Chronology of EU Police Cooperation, 1898-2005.