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The Renegotiation of NAFTA. And China?

Enrique Dussel Peters, editor
The Renegotiation of NAFTA. And China?
ISBN: 978-607-8066-43-8
ISBN: 978-607-8066-48-3
2019/120 pages
Distributed for the Academic Network of Latin America and the Caribbean on China


After more than a year of negotiations, the differences between NAFTA and the new United States–Mexico–Canada agreement (USMCA) are minor—especially considering the initial stance of the Trump administration in 2017—with one notable exception. The new agreement explicitly prohibits its members from negotiating free-trade agreements with "non-market economies" such as China. From this perspective, the NAFTA/USMCA region could become the first international anti-China region.

Within this context, the authors of The Renegotiation of NAFTA succinctly analyze the NAFTA integration process since 1994, the process of renegotiation, and the increasing relevance of China for the region and each of its members.


Enrique Dussel Peters is professor of economics and director of the Center for Chinese-Mexican Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).


  • Globalization, Regional Integration, and Renegotiation of NAFTA—H. Wei.
  • Renegotiating NAFTA: The Paradox of Economic Integration and Political Disintegration—C. Wang.
  • How China, Mexico, and US Relations Explain the 21st Century: Transnational Policy Linkages of Trade, Migration, and Remittances—R. Hinojosa-Ojeda.
  • Modernizing NAFTA: Transformation, Negotiation, and Unequal Results—C. Ruiz Durán.
  • Possibilities for the Expansion of Intra-industry Trade Between China and Mexico—J.E. Mendoza Cota. 
  • Mexico's Trade Relations with NAFTA Partners and with China from the Perspective of the Mexican Footwear Industry—A. Gómez Tamez. 
  • The New Triangular Relationship Between Mexico, the United States, and China: Challenges for NAFTA—E. Dussel Peters.
  • The Role of Trade with China in Mexico's Renegotiation of NAFTA—S. Levy-Dabbah.
  • The New Digital Relationship Between Mexico and China—M. del Carmen González Velásquez.