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The Sources of Military Change: Culture, Politics, Technology

Theo Farrell and Terry Terriff, editors
The Sources of Military Change: Culture, Politics, Technology
ISBN: 978-1-55587-975-4
2002/301 pages/LC: 2001058927

"Offers a sustained questioning of the assumption that the external strategic environment directly changes military goals, strategies, or organizations.... An important study of a culturalist approach to the issue.... Highly effective."—Richard Lock-Pullan, Journal of Military History


In varying circumstances, military organizations around the world are undergoing major restructuring. This book explores why, and how, militaries change.

The authors focus on a complex of three influencing factors—cultural norms, politics, and new technology—offering a historical perspective of more than a century. Their analyses range from developing states to Russia, Britain, the U.S., and NATO. Throughout, they reveal the manifold interactions between state and military, and also within both, as primary driving forces of change.


Theo Farrell is lecturer in international relations at the University College Dublin. His publications include Weapons Without a Cause: The Politics of Weapons Acquisition in the United States. Terry Terriff is senior lecturer in international security at the University of Birmingham. He is author of The Nixon Administration and the Making of U.S. Nuclear Strategy and coauthor of Security Studies Today; he also is coeditor of the journal Contemporary Security Policy.


  • The Sources of Military Change—the Editors.
  • Military Change in Historical Perspective—J. Black.
  • The Spread of Western Military Models to Ottoman Turkey and Meiji Japan—E.O. Goldman.
  • World Culture and the Irish Army, 1922-1942—T. Farrell.
  • U.S. Ideas and Military Change in NATO, 1989-1994—T. Terriff.
  • The U.S. Military's "Two-Front War," 1963-1988—C.M. Cameron.
  • U.S. Military Responses to Post–Cold War Missions—D.D. Avant and J.H. Lebovic.
  • Reform and the Russian Military—J.G. Mathers..
  • The British Army and the Tank—J. Stone.
  • Creating a U.S. Military Revolution—W.A. Owens.
  • Complexity and Theory of Networked Militaries—C.C. Demchak.
  • Military Change in the New Millennium—the Editors.