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The Tale of the Old Fisherman: Contemporary Urdu Short Stories

edited and with an introduction by Muhammad Umar Memon
ISBN: 978-0-89410-681-1
ISBN: 978-0-89410-682-8
1991/197 pages

"Both the selection of tales and the extensive critical essay ... provide the kind of accessible introduction to the post-colonial fiction of the Indian subcontinent that is seldom available to English readers."—Journal of Asian Studies

"Expertly translated from Urdu ... each story permits the Western reader to enter a world difficult to imagine without the tenderly crafted words expressed in this collection."—Wisconsin Bookwatch


These twelve stories set in modern Pakistan capture the rich Urdu literary tradition, telling close, personal tales of family relationships, love, spirituality, dreams, and the interactions between members of different races and religions. A discussion of contemporary Urdu literature introduces the volume.

The authors included in the collection are Zamiruddin Ahmad, Khalida Asghar, Masud Ashar, Saleem Asmi, Intizar Husain, Abdullah Hussein, Iqbql Majeed, Hasan Manzar, Muhammad Umar Memon, Surender Parkash, Muhammad Salimur Rahman, and Enver Sajjad.


Muhammad Umar Memon (b. 1939) migrated from India to Pakistan in 1954. Currently professor of Urdu, Persian, and Islam at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, he writes fiction and literary criticism in both English and Urdu.
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