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The Transformation of the Republican Party, 1912-1936: From Reform to Resistance

Clyde P. Weed
The Transformation of the Republican Party, 1912-1936: From Reform to Resistance
ISBN: 978-1-935049-42-5
2012/250 pages/LC: 2011050796
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"Explores an understudied anti-New Deal philosophy that affects contemporary policy discussions.... Highly recommended."—Choice

"An interesting glimpse at an under-examined period of the party’s history.... This examination offers insight into how the two major political parties have developed over the last 100 years."—Tyler Hughes, APSA Legislative Studies Section Newsletter

"Insightful and engaging.... Professor Weed confronts an important question: how did a party that was once such a potent modernizing force become, by 1936, such a powerful obstacle to reform? This book makes a major contribution to our understanding of US political development in the interwar decades and beyond."—Marc Allen Eisner, Wesleyan University

"An important and provocative book—impressively researched, vigorously argued."—Bruce J. Schulman, Boston University


Clyde Weed recovers and analyzes the largely lost history of the Republican Party in the first half of the twentieth century. Exploring the internal dynamics of the GOP during those decades, Weed draws on a wide range of previously neglected sources to explore the fundamental transformation that the party experienced—and in the process to shed new light, as well, on the ideology and positions of Republican politics today.


Clyde P. Weed is author of The Nemesis of Reform: The Minority Republican Party During the Domestic New Deal.


  • What Happened to the Republicans?
  • The Republican Party and the National Idea.
  • World War I and the Presidential Election of 1916.
  • The GOP in the Last Arcadia of the 1920s.
  • The Associational State and the Transformation of the GOP.
  • The Rush Past Republican Associationalism, 1929-1932.
  • The Forgotten Republican Presidential Campaign of 1932.
  • The 1934 Congressional Campaign: The Counter Revolution That Wasn't.
  • The Stillborn Republican Revival of 1935-1936.
  • Turning the Universe Upside Down: The 1936 Election.
  • The New Deal's Critics: What Was Said Then and Why It Still Matters.
  • Reconsidering the Republican Experience of the 1930s.