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The United Nations: Policy and Practice

Jean E. Krasno, editor
The United Nations: Policy and Practice
ISBN: 978-1-955055-84-0
ISBN: 978-1-955055-90-1
ISBN: 978-1-68585-282-5
2023/303 pages/LC: 2022045451
"Historically rich, detailed, and practice focused.... Provides an in-depth account of all the important issues that the UN is engaged in, as well as a discussion of how these emerged over time." —Matthias Hofferberth, University of Texas at San Antonio

"Unique in both its breadth and depth of coverage of the United Nations.... An invaluable resource."—Rebecca McCumbers Flavin, Baylor University


The United Nations has a vast outreach through its many agencies, funds, and programs—but that very fact can make it difficult for "outsiders" to understand.

Among the questions that arise: How can the UN promote human rights when its charter prohibits its intervention in the domestic affairs of sovereign states? Why do the five permanent members of the Security Council have veto power? Can a dysfunctional Security Council be circumvented? How is consensus on policy ever reached? Where does the money to run this enormous system come from? The list goes on. In response, this new text clearly explains the UN's history, functions, and day-to-day operations.

Ranging from development to disarmament, from electoral assistance to finance, the authors unveil the processes involved as diplomats and practitioners navigate the challenges of serving the common good while balancing opposing interests.


Jean E. Krasno is on the faculty of the Department of Political Science at the City College of New York and also a lecturer at Columbia University. 


  • The United Nations in an Uncertain Global Context—J.E. Krasno.
  • The UN Landscape—J.E. Krasno.
  • The Founding of the United Nations—J.E. Krasno.
  • Promoting Human Development—J. Fomerand.
  • Supporting Human Rights—B. Ramcharan.
  • The Evolution of Peacekeeping Operations—J.E. Krasno.
  • Democratization and Electoral Assistance—M. Tommasoli and T. Pearce Laanela.
  • Addressing Human Security—K. Gamble-Payne and J.E. Krasno.
  • Disarmament and Arms Control—R. Rydell.
  • Financing the United Nations—W. Lint.
  • Confronting the Authority of the Security Council—J.E. Krasno.
  • Achievements and Challenges—J.E. Krasno.