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The Whistleblower of Dimona: Israel, Vanunu, and the Bomb

Yoel Cohen
The Whistleblower of Dimona: Israel, Vanunu, and the Bomb
ISBN: 978-0-8419-1409-4
2003/381 pages/LC: 92002032704
Distributed for Holmes & Meier Publishers
"A careful and meticulous study of the Vanunu affair, this startling exposé involves Israel's intelligence community, and draws from thousands of pages of court transcripts and testimony connected to the case. The Whistleblower of Dimona is compelling and strongly recommended reading—especially in light of contemporary international events in the Middle East."—Midwest Book Review

"For the first time, the background to the events surrounding Vanunu's disclosure is provided."—Focus

"Cohen has provided a comprehensive and excellent account of what Mordechai Vanumu actually did, but of the political and social background to the affair.... He also lays to rest a few ghosts."--Middle East International

"Cohen copes manfully with the questions, every conspiracy theory begetting another and every answer provoking further questions . . .  [Cohen] has obviously done a lot of legwork and writes with authority."—Sunday Telegraph, London


In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, a technician at Israel's highly secret nuclear arms research center at Dimona, disclosed highly classified details about Israel's nuclear arms program to the London Sunday Times. As a result, Vanunu was kidnapped from London and taken back to Israel where, after a closed- door trial, he was sentenced to eighteen years imprisonment for espionage and treason.   

Yoel Cohen draws on thousands of pages of court transcripts and on first-hand testimony to probe the lack of internal security that made the disclosures possible and to provide extensive details of the sometimes extraordinary deliberations at Vanunu's trial. He also examines the consequences of the Vanunu affair for Israel's intelligence community, as well as for the balance of power involving Israel and the Arab world.


Yoel Cohen is professor of mass communications at the Ariel University Center.
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