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Tools for the Field: Methodologies Handbook for Gender Analysis in Agriculture

Hilary Sims Feldstein and Janice Jiggins, editors
Tools for the Field: Methodologies Handbook for Gender Analysis in Agriculture
ISBN: 978-1-56549-028-4
1994/270 pages/LC: 93-33664
A Kumarian Press Book


Ranging from agricultural production to postharvest activities, thirty-nine case studies from Africa, Asia, and Latin America provide a practical set of tools for anyone interested in gender analysis in agriculture.


Hilary Sims Feldstein has worked worldwide on issues related to gender and agriculture and small-enterprise development. Janice Jiggins is guest researcher at Wageningen University's Department of Communication and Innovation Studies and visiting fellow at the International Institute for Environment and Development.


  • Introduction.
  • Learning About the System and Initial Diagnosis. Managing Bias: Farmer Selection—A. J. Sutherland.
  • Wealth Ranking—B.E. Grandin.
  • Participatory Methodologies for Analyzing Household Activities, Resources, and Benefits—G. Buenavista and C.B. Flora.
  • Structured Interviewing in Ecuador: Incorporating Gender into Diagnostic Field Research—P. Garret and J.E. Uquillas.
  • Using Open Exploratory Surveys to Identify Local Cassava Varieties and Practices—P. Ay.
  • Workshops for Gathering Information—B.E. Grandin and M. Avila.
  • Using Focus Groups with Rural Women—C.B. Flora.
  • Incorporating Gender in Conceptual Diagrams of Households and Agroecosystems—C. Lightfoot et al.
  • Investigating Contradictions and Mysteries—D.E. Rocheleau.
  • Addressing Full-Family Dynamics in Rural Development—E. Knop and S. Knop.
  • Obtaining Data on Gender and Intrahousehold Issues—T.R. Paris.
  • Research Planning, On-Farm Experimentation, and Trials Assessment. Productivity Profiles of Women Agricultural Producers—S.H. Holcombe.
  • A Gender-Disaggregated Activity Calendar—H.S. Feldstein and S.V. Poats.
  • A Community Approach to Selection for On-Farm Trials—A.J. Sutherland.
  • Women and Trials Management in Botswana: Experiences with Farmer Groups—D. Baker.
  • The Influence of the Armachay Women’s Production Committee on the Trial Design—M.E. Fernandez and Hugo Salvatierra.
  • Respecting the Culture in Cultural Practices: Gender in On-Farm Trials—S.W. Almy.
  • Integrating Farmer Experts into On-Station Research—L. Sperling and B. Ntabomvura.
  • The Value of Participant Observation and Experimentation—P. Ladipo.
  • Evaluation of Bean Varieties by Men and Women in Small Farm Systems—J.A. Ashby.
  • On-Going Diagnosis and Special Studies. A Community Approach to Identifying Household Variables Influencing Farming Decisions—P.M. Sikana and C. Kerven.
  • Household Record Keeping as a Means of Understanding Farmers' Decision Making—N. Suphanchaimat.
  • Time Allocation Studies: A Methodological Note—C.J. Pierce Colfer.
  • Selecting Methods of Time Allocation Research—E.K. Wollenberg.
  • The Juego de Registro—J. Leesberg and E.V. Chavez.
  • Evaluating the Acceptability of Crop Varieties Prior to Introduction—P. Ladipo.
  • Dry Bean Utilization and Fuelwood Conservation—K.C. Shellie.
  • Extension, Training, and Institutionalization. Extension Feedback and Communication: A Case from Ecuador—P. Garrett and P.O. Espinosa A.
  • Evaluation and Transfer of New Food Crop Varieties by Home Economics Groups—R. Ortiz.
  • The Application of an Analysis of Full-Family Dynamics in Egypt—E. Knop and S. Knop.
  • Bridging the Information Gap in Integrated Pest Management—T.H. Stuart.
  • Training in Gender Analysis in Agricultural research: The Use of Case Studies—H.S. Feldstein.
  • Training in Integrating a Gender Perspective into Farming Systems Research—T.R. Paris and A.L. Frio.
  • National Workshop on Research Methodology on the Role of Women in Rice Farming Systems—S.S. Siwi and P. Sajogyo.
  • Using Local Case Material—R. Alsop.
  • Practical Considerations for Improving Gender-Based Research—1988 Women in Rice Farming Systems Workshop.
  • Women's Agricultural Production Committees and the Participative-Research-Action Approach—M.E. Fernandez.
  • Integrating a Women's Program into the Mali Farming Systems Project Volet-OHV—J.S. Caldwell.
  • Incorporating Gender into a National Program of Farming Systems Research—A.J. Sutherland.
  • Letter from the Field: Reflections on Gender-Sensitive Research—M. J. Silbernagel.