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Tourists, Migrants, and Refugees: Population Movements in Third World Development

Milica Z. Bookman
Tourists, Migrants, and Refugees: Population Movements in Third World Development
ISBN: 978-1-58826-481-7
2006/217 pages/LC: 2006004685

"This book is unique in expertly linking three populations—tourists, migrants, and refugees—and forcing the reader to face the dilemmas and opportunities each poses for development in poor countries."—Linda Richter, Kansas State University


As travelers increasingly seek out the exotic wildlife and idyllic sunsets of the developing world, a complex relationship involving tourism, the migration of workers, and the involuntary displacement of peoples has emerged. Milica Bookman explores that relationship—and the connection between population movements and economic development in third world countries.

Bookman's multicountry analysis demonstrates forcefully that tourism both induces migration and displacement and is enabled by them, in a self-reinforcing circular flow. These population movements, she argues, likewise are both a cause and effect of economic growth. They are not, however, a panacea for developing countries. Throughout her study, Bookman underscores the human costs of tourism-led development, emphasizing the need for greater attention to the social dislocations that it brings about.


Milica Z. Bookman is professor of economics at St. Joseph's University. She is author of eight books, including Ethnic Groups in Motion and The Demographic Struggle for Power, and is the recipient of the Tengelman Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research.


  • Introduction.
  • Growth and Population Movements in Tourist-Friendly Countries.
  • Tourists and Other Travelers.
  • Migrants and Immigrants.
  • Refugees and Internally Displaced Peoples.
  • The Circular Flow of Populations and the Global Economy.