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Transacting Transition: The Micropolitics of Democracy Assistance in the Former Yugoslavia

Keith Brown, editor
Transacting Transition: The Micropolitics of Democracy Assistance in the Former Yugoslavia
ISBN: 978-1-56549-222-6
2006/245 pages/LC: 2006010521
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A Kumarian Press Book

"Transacting Transition casts a sophisticated and critical eye on the entire enterprise of crafting democracies from the ground up. Anyone who believes in democratic governance but worries about outsiders' ability to build it from scratch should read this book."—Charles King, Georgetown University

"A fascinating account of local-level, US-funded activities in the former Yugoslavia. The chapters facilitate a process of considerable reflection and learning, one carefully orchestrated by Keith Brown through his insightful chapter introductions that expertly locate particular experiences in broader frameworks of understanding. A nuanced and constructive critique of the micropolitics of democracy assistance is the outcome."—Gordon Crawford, University of Leeds


Focusing on cases of international intervention in Kosovo, Serbia, and Macedonia, the authors of Transacting Transition explore how the mission and vision of "democracy promotion" is enacted on the ground—where principles of transparency, gender equality, and interethnic cooperation run up against the realities of political agendas, self-interest, and memories of conflict.


Keith Brown is research professor at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies. He is author of The Past in Question: Modern Macedonia and the Uncertainties of Nation.


  • The New Ugly Americans? Making Sense of Democracy Promotion in the Former Yugoslavia—K. Brown.
  • Quick Impact, Slow Recovery?: Funders' Priorities and the Local Realities of Transition Programming—J.S. Merritt.
  • Who's in Charge?: Reflections on the UN Administration in Kosovo—D. Lane and K. Brown.
  • Toward Reflective Practice: Understanding and Negotiating Democracy in Macedonia—P.J. Nuti.
  • Neutrality, Empowerment, Gender: Fostering Democratic Culture in Southwestern Serbia—C. Sneed.
  • Confidence-Building, Market Forces, and the Public Good: Challenges of Media Intervention in Postconflict Macedonia—S. Broughton-Micova.
  • Trust, Bricks, and Mortar: KFOR and the Rebuilding of the Pones Schoolhouse—C. Turregano and K. Brown.
  • Catholic Relief Services, USAID, and Authentic Partnership in Serbia—C. Gagnon.