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Transnational Civil Society: An Introduction

Srilatha Batliwala and L. David Brown, editors
Transnational Civil Society: An Introduction
ISBN: 978-1-56549-211-0
ISBN: 978-1-56549-210-3
2006/270 pages/LC: 2005023904
A Kumarian Press Book

"An excellent and highly readable introduction to the rapid emergence of 'transnational civil society.' For students, activists, researchers, and policymakers seeking to understand how and under what conditions citizen action can contribute to greater social justice and inclusion...this is the place to start."—John Gaventa, University of Sussex

"A terrific collection of thought-provoking articles, combining a central focus on transnational civil society with considerable diversity of subthemes and perspectives."—Cynthia A. Sanborn, Universidad del Pacífico


Transnational Civil Society provides an accessible introduction to the history, nature, and achievements of influential transnational civil society networks and movements.

The authors examine important transnational movements in the areas of labor, the environment, human rights, women's rights, peace, and economic justice. Showing the breadth and depth of transnational civil society, they offer a comprehensive picture of initiatives and activists working toward effective and sustainable solutions to some of the critical challenges of the twenty-first century.


Srilatha Batliwala is civil society research fellow at Harvard University's Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations. L. David Brown is senior research fellow at the Hauser Center.


  • Foreword—Arjun Appadurai.
  • Introduction: Why Transnational Civil Society Matters—the Editors.
  • The New Globalism—P.D. Hall.
  • Who really Tules the World?—M.J. Tyson Darling.
  • Claiming Global Power: Transnational Civil Society and Global Governance—K. Naidoo.
  • The Rise of Civic Transnationalism—S. Khagram and S. Alvord.
  • Transnational Pioneers: The International Movement—D. Gallin.
  • Spinning the Green Web: Transnational Environmentalism—W.E.F. Torrance and A.W. Torrance.
  • Dot-Causes and Protest: Transnational Economic Justice Movements—J.D. Clark.
  • The Personal Is Global: The Project and Politics of the Transnational Women's Movement—P. Antrobus and G. Sen.
  • Bridging Borders for Human Rights—A. Brysk and C. Jacquemin.
  • Waging Peace: Transnational Peace Activism—M. Mekata.
  • Shaping the Global Human Project: The Nature and Impact of Transnational Civil Activism—the Editors.