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Understanding Contemporary Latin America, 5th ed.

Henry (Chip) Carey, editor
Understanding Contemporary Latin America, 5th ed.
ISBN: 978-1-62637-977-0
ISBN: 978-1-955055-64-2
2022/529 pages/LC: 2021038685
Understanding: Introductions to the States and Regions of the Contemporary World
"An excellent undergraduate text, covering critical subjects that students need to know about this region. The chapters break the monotony of traditional textbooks.… I especially welcome the new chapter on violence and corruption, an important subject for understanding Latin America today." —Cristina Escobar, Temple University

Praise for previous editions:

"Provides students with a broad, thorough, and accessible introduction to a fascinating region." —Raul L. Madrid, University of Texas at Austin

"Masterfully unravels many issues facing Latin America today to enrich our understanding of its complex dynamics."—Cynthia Chavez Metoyer, California State University, San Marcos


This new edition of Understanding Contemporary Latin America, the first under the editorship of Henry (Chip) Carey, reflects the many changes that have occurred in the region in the decade since the previous edition was published. An entirely new chapter on crime and security, along with new treatments of such classic subjects as geography, history, politics, economics, international relations, and more, make for an unparalleled introduction to the complexities of Latin America today.


Henry (Chip) Carey is associate professor of political science at Georgia State University.


  • Introducing Latin America—H.(C.) Carey and S.M. Mitchell.
  • A Geographic Preface—M. Price.
  • The Historical Context—R. De La Pedraja.
  • Politics—S.A. McConnell.
  • Crime and Security—M. Ungar.
  • Economies—S.G. McKinney.
  • International Relations—C. Fraser.
  • Environmental Challenges—J. Chase and S.E. Place.
  • Social, Political, and Cultural Identities—K.A. Yelvington.
  • The Roles of Women—S. Tiano and M. Shea.
  • Education—F.M. Reimers.
  • Religion—H. Stewart-Gambino.
  • The Arts—D.H. Bost, A. Lozano-Alonso, and D. Marcus.
  • Looking Forward—H.(C.) Carey and K. Barrett.