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Understanding Police Use of Force

Howard Rahtz
Understanding Police Use of Force
ISBN: 978-1-881798-42-2
2003/159 pages
A CriminalJusticePress Project

"Should be read by all officers to better understand what the gap is between the community and law enforcement."—Joe Truncale, The Use of Force Journal


Rahtz provides an even-handed and comprehensive discussion of the use of force in law enforcement.


Howard Rahtz draws in this book on insights gained from his years as a Cincinnati police officer and as a trainer for the regional Community Policing Institute.


  • Foreword—John E. Eck.
  • Understanding the Gap.
  • Use of Force: Definitions and Data.
  • Legal Boundaries.
  • The Race Divide.
  • Force Options.
  • Making the Right Choices.
  • Use-of-Force Training.
  • Steps to Minimize Police Use of Force—I.
  • Steps to Minimize Police Use of Force—II.
  • When the Worst Happens.
  • Toward a Better Understanding.