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Understanding and Preventing Car Theft

Michael G. Maxfield and Ronald V. Clarke, editors
ISBN: 978-1-881798-52-1
ISBN: 978-1-881798-53-8
2004/248 pages
Crime Prevention Studies, Volume 17
A CriminalJusticePress Project
"Analyzing problems and collaboration are the future of criminal justice. This volume on understanding and preventing car theft offers a glimpse of that future, illustrating what can be gained through collaborative problem solving across sectors and jurisdictions."—George L. Kelling and Michael L. Wagers, Police Institute at Rutgers University

"This is a very valuable publication that has certainly raised a number of wide ranging thoughts within the mind of this reviewer. If a book is to be assessed by its ability to make one think, then this publication is worth its weight in gold."—Martin Wright, Professional Security Magazine


Thefts of and from autos are among the most commonly reported crimes, and they account for the highest losses among property crimes that target individuals (except for arson). But according to this new book, recent initiatives in the U.S., Europe and Australia have proven effective or are showing promise in preventing car theft.


  • Foreword—George L. Kelling and Michael L. Wagers.
  • Introduction—M.G. Maxfield.
  • The UK Car Theft Index: An Example of Government Leverage—G. Laycock.
  • Preventing Vehicle Crime in Australia through Partnerships and National Collaboration—R. Carroll.
  • Designing Out Crime Through Vehicle Licensing and Registration Systems—B. Webb, M. Smith, and G. Laycock.
  • Abuse of Temporary License Tages in North Carolina—M. White and C.W. Dean.
  • The Effectiveness of Electronic Immobilization: Changing Patterns of Temporary and Permanent Vehicle Theft—R. Brown.
  • Parking Lot Security—P. Mayhew and G. Braun.
  • Auto Theft and Theft from Autos in Parking Lots in Chula Vista, CA: Crime Analysis for Local and Regional Action—N. Plouffe and R. Sampson.
  • Police Intelligence and Theft of Vehicles for Export: Recent UK Experience—R. Brown and R.V. Clarke.
  • Publicity and Car Crime Prevention—E. Barthe.
  • Car Safety and Car Security: An Historical Comparison—G.R. Newman.