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Varieties of State Crime and Its Control

Jeffrey Ian Ross, editor
ISBN: 978-1-881798-20-0
1999/235 pages
A CriminalJusticePress Project
"[A] ground breaking volume ... examining state crime in seven advanced (Western and non-Western) industrial democracies: Canada, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.... Recommended not only to students of criminology but also public administration, comparative politics, and international relations."—Susan Stoudinger Northcutt, International Social Science Review

"This book is a valuable addition to the growing literature on state crime. The cases are well researched and well explored. The international approach, and international sampling of authors, is extremely valuable, as is each contributor's discussion on potential control [of state crime]."—Contemporary Sociology

"In this volume, Jeffrey Ian Ross brings together a group of accomplished scholars who have produced insightful, groundbreaking essays on the challenges of state crime and its control in a nmber of different countries. This book is a tremendously valuable contribution to the newly emergent criminological study of state crime, and will provide a major point of departure for subsequent work."—David O. Friedrichs University of Scranton

"What we consider as democracies nowadays are grounded on organized state international crime, as this book has shown through research carried out in major advanced countries."—Roberto Bergalli, University of Barcelona


Topics include: Protecting Democracy by Controlling State Crime in Advanced Industrialized Countries; Controlling State Crime in the United Kingdom; Controlling State Crime in the United States of America: What Can We Do about the Thug State?; Controlling State Crime in Canada; Controlling State Crime in Israel: The Dichotomy between National Security versus Coercive Powers; Controlling State Crime in France; Controlling State Crime in Italy: The Corruption of a Democracy; Controlling State Crime in Japan: A Case Study of Political Corruption; and What Have We Learned and What is the Next Step? 


Contributors include: Jeffrey Ian Ross, Stephen C. Richards, Michael J. Avery, Raymond R. Corrado, Garth Davies, R. Reuben Miller, Jim Wolfreys, Donatella della Porta, Alberto Vannucci and David M. Potter.