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Violent Ecotropes: Petroculture in the Niger Delta

Philip Aghoghovwia
Violent Ecotropes: Petroculture in the Niger Delta
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2618-0
2022/132 pages
Distributed for HSRC Press


Environmental devastation. Local militancy. Smuggling. Violence. All of these describe the Niger Delta, the crude-oil extraction center of Nigeria. Philip Aghoghovwia offers a unique interpretation of the region's petroviolence, examining the cultural aspects of the extraction industry in the societies within which it operates.

As he considers the charged and often clashing contexts of the industry vs. the ecologies of directly affected peoples/places, Aghoghovwia essentially reframes the environmental challenges that carbon-based civilization poses to local landscapes.


Philip Aghoghovwia is a senior lecturer in the Department of English at the University of the Free State.


  • Introduction.
  • The Niger Delta: Temporality, Extraction, and the Literature of Environmental Justice.
  • People, Fire, and the Promethean Allegory of the Niger Delta: Inversions in Ogaga Ifowodo's The Oil Lamp.
  • Versifying the Environment of the Niger Delta as a Critique of Nationalism.
  • The Currency of Resistance: Violence as Rebellion and Commodity.
  • Epilogue: Apocalyptic Realism and the Post-Oil Imagination in the Niger Delta.