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Voices from the Amazon

Binka Le Breton
Voices from the Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-56549-021-5
1993/151 pages/LC: 93-16349
A Kumarian Press Book

"Few books tell the plight of the Amazon rainforest from the perspective of the indigenous peoples themselves—Le Breton lets the people of the forest tell us their side of the story."—Rainforest Action Network

"[Amazonians] provide, in their own sincere words, an introduction to complex issues ... to benefit all concerned and save the rainforest for the rest of the world. Recommended for general collections."—Library Journal

"A compelling book.... presents testimony from Amazonians speaking straight from the heart."—Joe Kane, author of Running the Amazon

"An excellent introduction to the people and issues of Amazonia, written by somebody with worldwide knowledge of development pitfalls."—Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Survival International


Through jungle and razed landscapes, Binka Le Breton journeyed more than 3,000 miles by bus, truck, boat, and on foot to record the candid words of the people who make the Brazilian Amazon region their home. The compelling  result, Voice of the Amazon, reveals the textures of daily life in the Amazon forest.


Binka Le Breton, an award-winning author and human rights activist, lives in Brazil at the Iracambi Rainforest Research Center.


  • Amazônia.
  • Inside Rondônia.
  • Indians.
  • Loggers.
  • River People.
  • Miners.
  • Settlers.
  • Ranchers.
  • Rubber Tappers.
  • Idealists.
  • A Chorus of Comment.
  • What Next?