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War Games: US-Russian Relations and Nuclear Arms Control

Stephen J. Cimbala
War Games:  US-Russian Relations and Nuclear Arms Control
ISBN: 978-1-62637-619-9
ISBN: 978-1-62637-642-7
2017/278 pages/LC: 2016041279
"Highly recommended."—Choice

"War Games
succeeds magnificently in providing important background, perspective, and context on the nuclear age and its dangers…. Though I have been involved in these issues for decades, I learned a great deal from reading this book."—Lawrence J. Korb, Center for American Progress

"This engaging, thoughtful work could hardly be more timely and important."—Andrew Futter, University of Leicester


Does it make sense for the United States to cooperate with Russia to resolve international security issues? Is it possible for the two countries to work together to reduce the dangers associated with nuclear weapons? Where does Vladimir Putin fit into the calculus? Engaging the debate on these contentious issues, Stephen Cimbala provides context for and policy-relevant analysis of current US-Russian nuclear relations.


Stephen J. Cimbala is distinguished professor of political science at Penn State University Brandywine.


  • US-Russian Relations and Nuclear Arms Control.
  • Nuclear Deterrence in the Cyber Age.
  • Balancing Nuclear Modernization and Arms Control.
  • Nuclear Arms Control: Adding China to the Mix.
  • Coping with Nuclear Crisis.
  • Nuclear War: Managing Pandora's Box.
  • Minimum Deterrence: Prudent or Insufficient?
  • Nuclear Abolition: Ideal ... but Impossible?
  • Controlling Nuclear Proliferation.
  • Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Deterrents or Combustibles?
  • The Contentious Issue of Missile Defense.
  • Geography and Nuclear Strategy.
  • The Putin Factor.
  • The Way Forward?
  • Appendixes: Notes on Methodology; Nuclear Modernization and Cost Comparisons.