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Warfare in the Robotics Age

Ash Rossiter and Peter Layton
Warfare  in the Robotics Age
ISBN: 978-1-68585-981-7
ISBN: 978-1-68585-993-0
2024/257 pages/LC: 2023037087
Studies in Technology and Security: Innovation, Impact, and Governance
"This detailed study of the use of robots across all three domains—land, air, and sea—is filled with fascinating details and trenchant analysis.... Highly commended for its balanced and thorough treatment." —Frank Hoffman, National Defense University 


From artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles to human augmentation … robots are increasingly being used by the military. For what operational purposes? How will this reshape the conduct of war? What are the strategies and capabilities being developed by China, Russia, the US, and other nations, and with what impact on international relations?

To address these complex questions, Ash Rossiter and Peter Layton explore the past, present, and potential military use of robotic systems. The result is a critical assessment of not only the opportunities and challenges, but also the dangers, of warfare in the robotics age.


Ash Rossiter is associate professor of international security at Khalifa University. Peter Layton is visiting fellow at the Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University, and a Royal United Services Institute associate fellow.


  • Revolutionary Technologies, International Politics, and War.
  • Drafting Robots into Military Service: The Story So Far.
  • Shaping What's Possible: The Key Technology Drivers.
  • Producing Tomorrow's Military Robots: Who, Where, and Why.
  • The Diffusion of Robotic Weapons: Ethical and Legal Issues.
  • Adapting to a Robot Way of War.
  • Reimagining Robotic Warfare.
  • Implications for International Politics.