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Where Corruption Lives

Gerald. E. Caiden, O.P. Dwivedi and Joseph G. Jabbra, editors
Where Corruption Lives
ISBN: 978-1-56549-134-2
ISBN: 978-1-56549-133-5
2001/273 pages/LC: 2001038242
A Kumarian Press Book
"A wonderful volume combining country-based, regional, and international perspectives with an appropriate theoretical underpinning. An essential read for all who are interested in this canker of governance."—Ian Thynne, University of Hong Kong

"Why does corruption keep growing? How are public and private corruption intertwined?... How do you fight corruption? This book touches on theme like these through thorough analysis, interesting cases, and exciting recommendations to take action.... Mandatory reading."—Bernardo Kliksberg, Inter-American Development Bank


This comprehensive global survey of official corruption in governance links theoretical perspectives to common practices found throughout the world. Ranging from liberal democracies to autocracies, the authors explore initiatives being taken by national governments and international organizations to combat and reduce corrupt practices.


Gerald E. Caiden is emeritus professor of public administration at the University of Southern California. O.P. Dwivedi, now deceased, was most recently professor emeritus of political science at the University of Guelph. Joseph Jabbra is president of the Lebanese American University.


  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Corruption and Governance—G.E. Caiden.
  • Corruption in the United States—R. D. White, Jr.
  • Governance and Corruption in Canada—O.P. Dwivedi and M. Mancuso.
  • France's Elf Scandals—D.A. Yates.
  • Tacking Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe—T. Anusiewicz, T.Verheijen, and A.L. Dimitrova.
  • Corruption and the Lack of Accountability in the Middle East—J.G. Jabbra and N.W. Jabbra.
  • Governance and Corruption in West Africa—D. Olowu.
  • Understanding Corruption in the South African Public Sector—V. G. Hilliard and H.F. Wissink.
  • Combating Corruption in the Asia Pacific Region—J.S.T. Quah.
  • The Culture of Corruption in Post-Mao China—S.K. Ma.
  • Government Corruption in Latin America—J. Nef.
  • Corruption in Australia: Its Prevention and Control—P. Larmour and P. Grabosky.
  • Transparency International's Network to Curb Global Corruption—F. Galtung.
  • The UNDP Integrity Improvement Initiatives—P. F. Tamesis.
  • The International Anticorruption Campaigns: Whose Ethics?—D. Argyriades.
  • Corruption and Democracy—G.E. Caiden.
  • Official Ethics and Corruption—G.E. Caiden and O.P. Dwivedi.