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Why Enduring Rivalries Do—or Don’t—End

Eric W. Cox
Why Enduring Rivalries Do—or Don’t—End
ISBN: 978-1-935049-24-1
ISBN: 978-1-935049-85-2
2010/221 pages/LC: 2010018971
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"A compelling and extremely well written book.... Cox makes a significant contribution to both the foreign policy analysis and the rivalry literatures."—Jeffrey Pickering, Kansas State University


Why do some enduring, violent rivalries between states end peacefully, while others drag on interminably or cease only with the complete collapse or defeat of one of the states? Eric Cox provides extensive evidence to support his explanation of how these disputes end, comparing successful and failed attempts to terminate rivalries in Latin America and the Middle East.


Eric W. Cox is assistant professor of political science at Texas Christian University. He is at present working on a study of US diplomatic behavior in the United Nations.


  • Understanding Rivalry.
  • Explaining Rivalry Termination.
  • Egypt and Israel: A Path to Peace.
  • Syria and Israel: Obstacles to Peace.
  • Chile and Peru: Steps Toward Peace.
  • Peru and Ecuador: Rivalry Sustained.
  • The Termination of Rivalry.