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Why India Matters

Maya Chadda
Why India Matters
ISBN: 978-1-62637-038-8
ISBN: 978-1-62637-039-5
2014/289 pages/LC: 2013038329
"Provides a deft discussion of the myriad political forces that can thwart the most commonsensical policy prescriptions." —Sumit Ganguly, The Journal of Asian Studies

"Provocative.... Scholars who engage Chadda's ambitious, far-reaching arguments will develop more sophisticated views through their efforts."—John Echeverri-Gent, Political Science Quarterly

"A deeply informative, analytically rigorous, and highly readable account of recent Indian political and economic development, as well as New Delhi’s emergence onto the global stage. India does indeed 'matter,' and now we have a much better understanding of why that is."—Devin Hagerty, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

"In this readable and original book, Chadda makes a lucid and compelling case of why India matters."—Shalendra Sharma, University of San Francisco


Why is India's rise on the world stage so controversial? How can a state that is losing authority to its regions at the same time grow in international importance? Exploring an apparent paradox, Maya Chadda shows how culture, politics, wealth, and policy have combined to forge a distinctive Indian path to power, both nationally and in the international arena.


Maya Chadda is professor of political science at William Paterson University of New Jersey. Her numerous publications include Building Democracy in South Asia: India, Nepal, and Pakistan and Ethnicity, Security, and Separatism in South Asia.


  • The Puzzle of India Rising.
  • From Empire State to Multinational State.
  • Managing Political Change.
  • Economic Growth and India's Rise.
  • India in World Politics.
  • The Extended Strategic Perimeter.
  • Soft Power.
  • Why India Matters.
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