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Women Aging in Prison: A Neglected Population in the Correctional System

Ronald H. Aday and Jennifer J. Krabill
Women Aging in Prison: A Neglected Population in the Correctional System
ISBN: 978-1-58826-764-1
ISBN: 978-1-58826-944-7
2011/239 pages/LC: 2010043822
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"A much needed discussion of this long-neglected topic."—Natalie Sokoloff, Contemporary Sociology

"Thorough, insightful, and engaging.... It is safe to say that this is the definitive book on its subject."—Robert Johnson and Alison Brooks, The Gerontologist

"A significant advancement in our understanding of a much-neglected inmate population…. Anyone interested in gender, age, and the imprisonment experience should read this book."—Margaret Leigey, The College of New Jersey


Ronald Aday and Jennifer Krabill offer a complete picture of the experience of older women prisoners and the distinct challenges these women present for correctional institutions.

The authors integrate their quantitative findings with the voices of individual inmates to explore essential concerns such as health, inmate and family relationships, prison adjustment, and end-of-life issues. They also consider the enduring impact of intimate partner violence. While painting a vivid portrait of struggles to build lives behind bars, the authors share critical insights into the social forces that shape women's contact with all stages of the criminal justice system.


Ronald H. Aday is professor of sociology at Middle Tennessee State University. Jennifer J. Krabill is a research associate at the Tennessee Center for Gerontology and Geriatric Research.


  • Older Women in Prison.
  • Aging and Prison Adjustment.
  • Health and Fears of Dying.
  • Connections to the Free World.
  • Making a Life in Prison.
  • The Pervasive Context of Intimate Partner Abuse.
  • Personal Transformation Behind Bars: An Intimate Look.
  • Policy Issues and Future Concerns.