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Women and Development in Africa: How Gender Works, 2nd Edition

Michael Kevane
Women and Development in Africa: How Gender Works, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-58826-979-9
ISBN: 978-1-58826-980-5
ISBN: 978-1-62637-570-3
2014/329 pages/LC: 2014016145
Praise for the previous edition:

"A unique and rare book. It is a welcome addition to the literature on women and development.... Kevane challenges economists and scholars of development to ask better questions, develop well-informed hypotheses, adopt more rigorous methods, and test their assumptions through solid empirical research."—Aili Mari Tripp, Politics & Gender

"This book fills an important niche.... It would be an excellent supplemental reader for many undergraduate courses on women and Africa."—Cheryl R. Doss, Feminist Economics

"An insightful book for undergraduates and graduate students with an interest in gender, international development, economics, or African studies."—Michael M. Walker, WID Bulletin


This new edition of Women and Development in Africa incorporates the results of more than a decade of new empirical and theoretical research. Michael Kevane provides a broad overview of the sources of underdevelopment in Africa and the role of gender in economic transactions, as well as a cogent analysis of the gendered realities of such issues as land rights, the control of labor, the marriage market, health care, education, and political representation.


Michael Kevane is associate professor of economics at Santa Clara University.


  • Exploring Gender and Development.
  • Women and Development in Africa.
  • Models and Methods.
  • The Land Tenure Rights of African Women.
  • Constraints and Opportunities in the World of Work.
  • The Marriage Market.
  • Bargaining Power at Home.
  • Preferring Sons over Daughters.
  • The Gendering of Education.
  • Getting Capital to women.
  • Emerging Social Movements For—and Against—Gender Equality.