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Women and Executive Office: Pathways and Performance

Melody Rose, editor
Women and Executive Office: Pathways and Performance
ISBN: 978-1-58826-851-8
2012/301 pages/LC: 2012018805
"A more-than-useful compendium of research about mayors, governors, cabinet officers, one speaker of the House, and candidates for executive office."—Glenna Matthews, Women's Review of Books

"Sophisticated in its use of interesting data and new perspectives, but ... written in a way that it would make an excellent supplement for any course dealing with gender and politics. Highly recommended."—Choice


What unique challenges do women face as they seek and attain high-ranking positions in the executive branches of government? How can these challenges be overcome? Is there an established "pipeline" to office, or must women find their own ways to achieve power? Is there any relationship between gender and job performance? Addressing these questions, the authors of Women and Executive Office take stock of the strides that women are making in their paths to and tenure in high-level executive service.


Melody Rose is chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Her publications include(with Regina Lawrence) Hillary Clinton's Race for the White House: Gender Politics and the Media on the Campaign Trail.


  • Women as Executive Political Leaders—M. Rose.
  • The Real '08 Fight: Clinton vs. Palin—R.G. Lawrence and M. Rose.
  • The Vice Presidency as the New Glass Ceiling: Media Coverage of Sarah Palin—K.L. Fridkin, J. Carle, and G.S. Woodall.
  • Nancy Pelosi as Organizational Leader: In the Footsteps of Mary Parker Follett—C.S. Rosenthal and R.M. Peters, Jr.
  • Women in the Obama Administration: Insiders, or Outsiders Looking In?—J. Dolan.
  • Women in the Governor's Mansion: How Party and Gender Affect Policy Agendas—R. Herrera and K. Shafer.
  • Entering the Mayor's Office: Women’s Decisions to Run for Municipal Positions—S.J. Carroll and K. Sanbonmatsu.
  • Local Executive Leaders: At the Intersection of Race and Gender—P-t. Lien and K.E.O. Swain.
  • Barriers Bent but Not Broken: Newspaper Coverage of Local and State Elections—D. Bystrom, N. Brown, and M. Fiddelke.
  • Welcome to the Party? Leadership, Ambition, and Support Among Elites—D.L. Baer.
  • Campaign Finance: A Barrier to Reaching the White House?—V.A. Farrar-Myers and B.D. Boyea.
  • Turning the Tables: Behind Every Successful Woman—K. Dittmar.
  • Defining the Executive Women Research Agenda—M. Rose.