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Women and Politics in Chile

Susan Franceschet
Women and Politics in Chile
ISBN: 978-1-58826-316-2
ISBN: 978-1-62637-161-3
2005/203 pages/LC: 2004029655

"Franceschet has created a work that offers keen insight into the gendered nature of Chilean politics. What is more, [it] ... contains a wealth of new information on women's politics since the return of democracy.... A pleasure to read."—Patricia L. Hipsher, Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy

"An articulate, well-organized, and insightful examination of Chilean gendered citizenship."—Lynn R. Horton, Latin American Politics and Society

"Well researched, well-written, and conceptually precise. Franceschets book provides a thorough overview of both contemporary and historical issues in women and politics in Chile and squarely addresses a number of major debates in the field of women and politics."—Christina Ewig, Politics & Gender

"Highly recommended."—Choice

"A valuable, well-written account of the themes and history of the Chilean women's movement and the consequent challenges that Chilean women face today as they seek to break into 'formal' politics."—Hannah W. Stewart-Gambino, Lehigh University


Why have women remained marginalized in Chilean politics, even within a context of democratization? Addressing this question, Susan Franceschet traces women's political activism in the country—from the early twentieth century struggles for suffrage to current efforts to expand and deepen the practice of democracy.

Franceschet highlights the gendered nature of political participation in Chile, as well as changing perceptions of what is and is not political. Even as women enter electoral and bureaucratic politics in greater numbers, she argues, they are divided by ideology, competing interests, and unequal access to power. Clarifying the themes and challenges of the Chilean women's movement today, she finds an inextricable link between women's struggles for citizenship rights and the nation's broader struggles for democracy and social justice.


Susan Franceschet is assistant professor of political science at the University of Calgary.


  • Women and Politics in Chile.
  • Gendered Citizenship in Chile: An Overview.
  • From First-Wave Feminism to "Mobilized Mothers," 1932-1973.
  • Dictatorship and Women's Struggles for Democracy, 1973-1990.
  • Where Are the Women Now?: Electoral Politics in Chile's New Democracy.
  • "State Feminism" in Posttransition Chile.
  • Women's Movements: Confronting New Challenges.
  • Gendered Citizenship and the Future of Chilean Democracy.