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Women and US Politics: The Spectrum of Political Leadership, 2nd Edition

Lori Cox Han
Women and US Politics: The Spectrum of Political Leadership, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-58826-735-1
ISBN: 978-1-62637-461-4
2010/201 pages/LC: 2009044603
"The best women and politics text I have encountered."—Stephanie A. Chambers, Trinity College

"At last, a text designed to complement how many of us in the field actually teach women and politics."—Ann Gordon, Chapman University

"A refreshingly readable and impressive piece of scholarship. This assessment of the state of women and political leadership fills in the gaps that are often missing in similar texts and is likely to be a very popular book with students and faculty alike."—Robert P. Watson, Lynn University

"The most complete coverage to date of the areas that need to be considered when teaching students about women in political leadership in the United States."—Dianne Bystrom, Iowa State University


In this wide-ranging text, Lori Cox Han explores whether—and if so, how—the presence of women on the center stage of US politics is changing the political process.  Han first provides a solid context, thoroughly covering the history of the women's movement, suffrage, the contours of feminism, and issues of equality. She then turns to women as voters, activists, candidates, officeholders, and policymakers and provides a broad yet gendered look at both mass politics and political institutions.

Substantially expanded and updated, this new edition:

•    offers thorough grounding in political science scholarship
•    considers women in all arenas of government
•    addresses diversity—including ideological diversity—in the women's movement
•    includes biographical profiles of prominent women leaders

Throughout, Han highlights women's political leadership to engage students and stimulate classroom discussion about women’s role in the operation of our governing institutions.


Lori Cox Han is professor of political science at Chapman University. Her publications include Rethinking Madam President (coedited with Caroline Heldman) and Governing from Center Stage.


  • Women and Political Leadership.
  • The Women's Movement and Feminism in the United States.
  • Women as Political Participants.
  • Women as Political Candidates.
  • Women as Legislators.
  • Women and Executive Leadership.
  • Women in the Judiciary.
  • Women and Political Leadership in the Twenty-first Century.