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Women in Developing Countries: Assessing Strategies for Empowerment

Rekha Datta and Judith Kornberg, editors
Women in Developing Countries: Assessing Strategies for Empowerment
ISBN: 978-1-58826-014-7
ISBN: 978-1-58826-039-0
2002/189 pages/LC: 2001048638


For decades, researchers and policymakers have examined the impact of development programs on women—and evidence of sustained gender discrimination has inspired local, national, and international policy reforms. But has the empowerment movement increased women's control of resources? Has it had the desired effect on gender relations traditionally defined by patriarchal ideology and institutions?

Addressing these questions, this study explores international, national, and local empowerment efforts in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The result is a nuanced account of empowerment goals and strategies at all levels of initiative.


Rekha Datta is associate professor of political science at Monmouth University. Judith Kornberg is dean of continuing and professional studies at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She is coauthor (with John Faust) of China in World Politics.


  • Introduction: Empowerment and Disempowerment—the Editors.
  • Women and the United Nations: Norms, Reproductive Health and Rights, and Population Policy—C.G. Patton.
  • The Empowerment of Women Through International Law—K. Suneja.
  • State Ideology and Women in Rural China—K. Tsai.
  • The State, Development, and Empowerment in India—R. Datta.
  • Structural Adjustment and the Empowerment (or Disempowerment) of Women in Niger and Senegal—L. Creevey.
  • Structural Adjustment Policies in Mexico and Costa Rica—V. Anastasakos.
  • Making Waves: Women and Development in the Caribbean—M.A.L. Miller.
  • The Empowerment of Palestinian Women in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip—S. Sarsar.
  • Conclusion: Assessing Women and Empowerment—the Editors.
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