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Women in Iraq: The Gender Impact of International Sanctions

Yasmin Husein Al-Jawaheri
Women in Iraq: The Gender Impact of International Sanctions
ISBN: 978-1-58826-598-2
ISBN: 978-1-58826-574-6
2008/229 pages/LC: 2008006786
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"This book is a must-read.... Yasmin Husein Al-Jawaheri makes an argument that is bold, sophisticated, and entirely convincing."—Valentine M. Moghadam, Politics & Gender

"Al-Jawaheri examines how women bore the brunt of the impact of the 13 years of UN-backed sanctions on Iraq.... In a country where women both form the majority and are responsible for somehow feeding and protecting the next generation, this story of Iraq's women is the story of Iraq's future." —Publishers Weekly, starred review


Yasmin Husein Al-Jawaheri argues that the explosion of violence against Iraqi women since the removal of Saddam Hussein should not have taken people by surprise. The deterioration of gender relations was in fact, as she vividly demonstrates, a direct result of a decade of international economic sanctions.

Al-Jawaheri explores the gender-related impact of those sanctions in the areas of employment, education, family relations, and domestic responsibilities. Also focusing on how the 2003 invasion and subsequent upsurge in sectarianism intensified the problem, she assesses the prospects for women's rights in Iraq.


Yasmin Husein Al-Jawaheri is an Iraqi-born scholar and writer. She holds a Ph.D. in Middle East Studies from the University of Exeter and a degree in international law from Lund University.


  • The United Nations Sanctions on Iraq.
  • Iraqi Women and the State: A Historical Review.
  • Employment and Income under United Nations Sanctions.
  • The Crisis of Female Education under the UN Sanctions.
  • The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Gender Relations Inside the Family.
  • The Psychological Impact of Sanctions on Iraqi Women.
  • Conclusion.
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