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Working Toward Peace and Prosperity in Afghanistan

Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, editor
Working Toward Peace and Prosperity in Afghanistan
ISBN: 978-0-9843974-1-9
2011/272 pages
Liechtenstein Colloquium Report, Volume 5
Distributed for the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
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Addressing the trust deficit that has developed between the people of Afghanistan and the international community, the authors of this book grapple with key issues related to the implementation of a draw-down strategy. Their analyses and recommendations cover a broad range of topics, including Afghanistan's security environment, governance and the rule of law, the role of civil society, development, and reconciliation and reintegration.


Wolfgang Danspeckgruber is director of the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD) at Princeton University.


  • Preface.
  • Kabul's Long Shadows—M. Barry.
  • Regional Cooperation—B. Koepke.
  • Afghanistan and Iran—W. Danspeckgruber.
  • Afghanistan and State Building—D. Yaqub.
  • The Security Environment in Afghanistan—B.J. Stapleton.
  • Making Sense of More Soldiers: The Imperative for New Political-Constitutional Settlement—J. Gow.
  • Governance—W. Maley.
  • The Corruption Problem—W.A. Byrd.
  • The Rule of Law—T. Barfield.
  • Women and the Justice System—B. Ahmadi.
  • Dispute-Resolution Mechanisms—W. Frogh.
  • Civil Society—A. Qanih.
  • Ghazni: The 2013 Islamic Cultural Capital for Asia—M. Jansen.
  • The Development Agenda—M.E. Zia.
  • Effective Development Requires Better Aid—N. Banerjee.
  • Sky-High Development: A Compendium of Donor (In)Coordination—R. Steinberg.
  • Media Reform—R. Finn.
  • Afghan Media, Civil Society, and International Support—S. Siddiqi.
  • Managing Talks with the Taliban—F. Vendrell.
  • Will Afghan Women Be the Taliban's Spoils of War?—U. Plassnik.
  • For a Fistful of Dollars: The Selling Out of Reconciliation and Reintegration—S. Schmeidl and N. Miszak.
  • How Tribal Are the Taliban? Afghanistan’s Largest Insurgent Movement Between Tribal Roots and Islamist Ideology—T. Ruttig.
  • Warlord as Governor in Afghanistan—D. Mukhopadhyay.
  • A Political Settlement in Afghanistan: Preparing for the Long Game, Not the Endgame—M. Järvenpää.
  • Epilogue: Aghanistan, Quo Vadis?—W. Danspeckgruber.
  • Appendixes.