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World Disasters Report 2006: Focus on Neglected Crises

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
World Disasters Report 2006: Focus on Neglected Crises
ISBN: 978-92-9139-122-6
2006/251 pages
Distributed for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
"As hazard mitigation becomes more and more a part of humanitarian aid, dealing effectively and efficiently with these crises will become increasingly imperative. This report will be useful for hazard mitigation and humanitarian aid collections."—Choice

"Despite the rhetoric on good donorship and the mushrooming of the international aid reform industry, millions remain consigned to the shadows of unfashionable crises and disasters. For them, every day is a lottery to live or die. This report is a passionate critique of why this is still the case. It is essential reading for those impatient for faster change."— Mukesh Kapila, former Head of Conflict and Humanitarian Affairs, UK Department for International Development


Which people are missing out on humanitarian aid because no journalists report on them, no donors are interested in them, no agencies have assessed their needs, or because their governments ignore them?

The 2006 World Disasters Report ventures into the shadows lying behind the more publicized disasters of 2005-2006. Combining first-hand reporting from the field with critical analysis of aid flows and donor preferences, the report calls on aid organizations, journalists, governments, and scholars to work together to address the causes and symptoms of neglected humanitarian crises.

Published annually since 1993, the World Disasters Report compiles the latest trends, facts, and analysis relevant to contemporary crises—whether "natural" or human-made, quick-onset or chronic.


Neglected Crises: Partial Response Perpetuates Suffering.
Hunger in Malawi: A Neglected Emergency.
Hurricane Stan Lifts the Lid on Guatemala’s Vulnerability.
Unsafe Motherhood: Nepal's Hidden Crisis.
Death At Sea: Boat Migrants Desperate to Reach Europe.
"Please Don't Raise Gender Now—We're in an Emergency!"
Adequate? Equitable? Timely? Humanitarian Aid Trends in 2005.