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Zones of Peace

Landon Hancock and Christopher Mitchell, editors
Zones of Peace
ISBN: 978-1-56549-234-9
ISBN: 978-1-56549-233-2
2007/238 pages/LC: 2006036555
A Kumarian Press Book
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"This study merits attention at a time when our country is committing troops on the ground to create 'zones of security' which hopefully will eventually become zones of peace. Readers will be rewarded with ideas generated by accounts of those who have tried what is perhaps the impossible!"—Roy Thomas, The Canadian Army Journal

"An innovative book about how ordinary people can resist violence and foster peace proposals, even in the midst of brutal, protracted conflicts....  Zones of Peace is an important step toward understanding the lessons and possibilities of citizen conflict resolution."—Adam Isacson, Center for International Policy

"A comprehensive compendium of experiences and reflections relevant to the current search for peaceful alternatives in the midst of armed conflict.... [It] provides hope as well as practical steps in addressing this urgent concern—from setting up spaces of dialogue to re-affirming sanctuaries of life." —Ed Garcia, International Alert

"A long overdue comprehensive account of the many significant efforts to create zones of peace during and after armed conflict. The systematic analysis, based on a theory of sanctuary, offers a timely and useful framework for peacebuilders and communities seeking peace in the midst of violence."—Mark Chupp, Case Western Reserve University


Examining sanctuary as it relates to both historical and modern conflicts—and proposing a theory of sanctuary that might allow for useful new peacebuilding strategies—the authors of this original collection highlight efforts made by local people around the world to achieve safety and democracy in the midst of violent civil wars.


Landon E. Hancock is associate professor of political science at Kent State University. Christopher Mitchell is emeritus professor of politics at New York University.


  • The Theory and Practice of Sanctuary: From Asylia to Local Zones of Peace—C. Mitchell.
  • The Nature, Structure, and Variety of Peace Zones—L.E. Hancock and P. Iyer.
  • Peace Zones in the Philippines—K. Avruch and R.S. Jose.
  • Islands in the Stream: A Comparative Analysis of Zones of Peace within Colombia's Civil War—C. Rojas.
  • The Rondas Campesinas of Peru—J. Langdon and M. Rodriguez.
  • El Salvador's Post-Conflict Peace Zone—L.E. Hancock.
  • Comparing Sanctuary in the Former Yugoslavia and the Philippines—C. Mitchell.
  • The Collapse of Peace Zones in Aceh—P. Iyer and C. Mitchell.
  • Operation Lifeline Sudan—K. Rigalo and N. Morrison.
  • Local Zones of Peace and a Theory of Sanctuary—C. Mitchell and L.E. Hancock.