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December 1, 2020-- Congratulations to J. Michael Ryan and Helen Rizzo! Their collection, Gender in the Middle East and North Africa: Contemporary Issues and Challenges, was selected as a 2020 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title. It was among 531 books and digital resources chosen by the CHOICE editorial staff from among the over 3,500 titles reviewed by CHOICE during the past year.

October 19, 2020-- Nearly all LRP books are now available for selection in Inclusive Access programs at your institution. IA is convenient for both you and your students and, best of all, it makes textbooks more affordable. What is Inclusive Access? Watch this video .

September 21, 2020-- Caroline Wintersgill, LRP’s senior consulting editor in the UK, is now Dr. Caroline Wintersgill! Caroline recently received a PhD from the Department of English, Creative Writing and American Studies at the University of Winchester. In addition to her work with LRP, she is program director for the MA in Publishing at University College London.

August 13, 2020-- Congratulations to Corina Schulze, Sarah Koon-Magnin, and Valerie Bryan! Their book, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation & Sexual Assault: Challenging the Myths, won the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Women & Crime Book Award! One reviewer stated that the book is, “The first work I’ve come across that not only deals with gender and sexual identity but introduces new means to examine sexual assault in inclusive ways. An enormous contribution to our work to understand and assist queer-identified survivors of sexual assault.”

July 31, 2020-- We are delighted to honor Chinese activist and LRP author Xu Zhiyong for winning the 2020 PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write Award. As Ian Johnson explains in his review in The New York Review of Books, “Xu’s personal journey perfectly captures the trajectory of the weiquan movement.... Indispensable for understanding the ideals that drive the entire movement.” Here’s a link to his personal memoir that we published in 2017.

March 27, 2020-- Was Boko Haram a local and Nigerian jihadist movement? Or has it been foreign-oriented from the outset, particularly in West Africa? LRP author Jacob Zenn traces the origins of the “sect” back to those now affiliated with the Islamic state armed group. Read his interview in The Africa Report here .

January 31, 2020-- Caroline Wintersgill, LRP's senior consulting editor in the UK, has been appointed senior teaching fellow in publishing studies at University College London.

September 10, 2019-- Congratulations to Modupe Oshikoya, the 2019 winner of the APCG-Lynne Rienner Best Dissertation Award for her work titled Exploring the Impact of Insurgencies on Gender-Based Violence and the Nigerian Armed Forces: The Boko Haram Case. In praising Dr. Oshikoya's project, her mentor Professor Darren Kew commented, "Modupe’s research is not only path breaking in terms of its blending of hypermasculinity frameworks with organizational culture, it is courageous: Modupe met with local Nigerian communities within Boko Haram’s area of military operations and interviewed victims during the height of the insurgency." Dr. Oshikoya is now assistant professor of political science at Virginia Wesleyan University and says that she is "so happy and honored to have won this award."

August 18, 2019-- Announcing a new series! Studies in Technology and Security: Innovation, Impact, and Governance (Series editor: Neil Cooper, Kent State University) This series provides a platform for monographs and carefully edited collections that explore various aspects of the relationship between technology and a broad range of security issues (including, but not limited to, military, political, economic, and environmental security issues). We welcome proposals for books that address, for example, processes by which technologies emerge and acquire particular meanings, the impacts of specific technologies, the governance challenges posed by specific advances, and the role of researchers in challenging the use and misuse of technology. For further information or to submit a proposal, contact Professor Cooper at:

June 24, 2019-- We are delighted to announce our new partnership with South African based publisher Human Sciences Research Council Press. We are now their exclusive book distributor in the US, Canada, and Asia (with the exception of China). HSRC Press publishes innovative research-based books in the social sciences and humanities about South Africa and Africa. You will find their books throughout our catalogs and website. To find them on our website, search HSRC Press.

March 4, 2019-- Congratulations to our 2018 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title winners: Disability and Aging: Learning from Both to Empower the Lives of Older Adults by Jeffrey S. Kahana and Eva Kahana and The Resurgence of Populism in Latin America by Robert R. Barr!

January 3, 2019-- We are celebrating a great review in The Washington Times of our new security text Terrorism and Counterterrorism: A Comprehensive Introduction to Actors and Actions by Henry Prunckun and Troy Whitford, calling it “an indispensable guide for understanding the components involved in analyzing the terrorist threat and the measures required for effective response.” Click here to read the review.