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June 19, 2017--We are growing again! Marie-Claire Antoine has joined Lynne Rienner Publishers as senior acquisitions editor for political science and international relations. Previously she was senior acquisitions editor at Rowman & Littlefield.

February 14, 2017-- We fully support the joint statement issued by AAUP and ARL. “President Trump’s recent executive order temporarily barring entry into the US by individuals from seven countries is contrary to the values held by libraries and presses, and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) stand unequivocally opposed to this immigration ban.” To read the statement in its entirety, visit here.

January 12, 2017--Congratulations to our 2016 CHOICE OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC BOOK winner: Wrongful Convictions of Women: When Innocence Isn’t Enough by Marvin D. Free, Jr., and Mitch Ruesink. Choice praised the book as “the definitive scholarly reference on this topic.... Essential.”

January 4, 2017-- We are delighted to announce the winner of the 2016 African Politics Conference Group-LRP Best Dissertation Award: Congratulations go to Alexandra Hartmann (University College London; PhD, Yale University) for her work, "This Land Is My Land: Access to Justice and the Sacred Stakes of Land Disputes in Liberia." It examines why some but not all disputes over land in the aftermath of civil conflict escalate to violence. The award committee praised her work for "drawing from a variety of sources and methodological approaches, as well as 18 months in the field, to answer her dissertation question with care and precision."

November 23, 2016-- Announcing! Effective immediately, Taylor & Francis Group will be distributing our books in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Click here for their contact information as well as for information about our other global distribution arrangements.

October 7, 2016-- LRP author Jasmine-Kim Westendorf (Why Peace Processes Fail: Negotiating Insecurity After Civil War ) discusses the many challenges of maintaining peace after civil war. To view the video, click here.

September 30, 2016-- In this interview with ForeWord Reviews, LRP author and retired Cincinnati Police Department captain Howard Rahtz discusses police violence committed against the African American community, and offers concrete suggestions on how to end it.  Click here to read the interview.

August 19, 2016--  Applications are being accepted for the $2,000 Deborah Gerner Grant for Professional Development, which is sponsored by LRP and awarded by ISA's Women's Caucus for International Studies. Applications are due October 1, 2016. The grant may be used to support any number of activities: for example, travel to a professional conference or workshop or to conduct interviews; or the purchase of books, software, databases, or other materials needed for research. For application guidelines, click here.

July 18, 2016-- Sebastian von Einsiedel, David M. Malone & Bruno Stagno Ugarte’s The UN Security Council in the 21st Century won the Friends of ACUNS Book Award! It also received a rave review in the July issue of CHOICE: “Indispensable for students and scholars interested in just about any aspect of the UNSC.”

July 6,2016-- Congratulations to Michelle Bonner whose book, Policing Protest in Argentina and Chile , won the Canadian Political Science Association’s 2016 Comparative Politics Book Prize!

June 2, 2016-- LRP author Don Burnes talks with Oregon Public Radio about his new book, Ending Homelessness: Why We Haven’t, How We Can : “I don’t think we’ve ever quite changed John and Jane Q. Public’s perception about who the homeless are. So for the most part, people are very negative about the homeless,” he said. “I don’t think it’s denial. I think it’s ignorance, it’s a lack of interest.” To hear more, click here .

May16, 2016-- We are delighted to be RedShelf's independent publisher of the month! Over the past 30 plus years, the publishing industry has changed immensely and we strive to embrace the changes, aiming to deliver our books in the format/s that our customers want. RedShelf helps us to do just that.  Read more here .

March 28, 2016-- The APCG-Lynne Rienner Best Dissertation Award Committee invites submissions for the 2015 best dissertation in African politics. The award carries a prize and is intended to recognize outstanding scholarship in African politics. Only one dissertation may be nominated per department. This year’s committee members are Milli Lake (Arizona State University), Adam Sandor (University of Ottawa), and Alice Kang (University of Nebraska- Lincoln). Departments are requested to submit a letter of nomination and an electronic copy of the dissertation to committee chair Milli Lake. The deadline for nominations is April 30, 2016.

February 25, 2016-- LRP's Rens Lee responds to Fu Ying's recent Foreign Affairs article (“How China Sees Russia,” January/February 2016), arguing that “Russia and the United States have few outstanding differences and a long history of collaboration against third-party threats.” Read more here .

February 23, 2016-- We are delighted to welcome a new employee! Allie Schellong, a recent graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute, is our production department’s new assistant.

January 21, 2016-- "A majority of Iranian people prefer normalized relations with the US, and they are trying to change the regime without violence." In the New York Times, LRP author Abbas Milani discusses the forces of change in the country. Click here to read more.

January 4, 2016--Choice magazine selected two LRP books as Outstanding Academic Titles for 2015. Congratulations to: Michael Bratton, for Power Politics in Zimbabwe, Robert C. Smith and Richard A. Seltzer, for Polarization and the Presidency: From FDR to Barack Obama .

December 18, 2015-- We are excited about launching “Points of View,” an unashamedly optimistic series, with LRP senior consulting editor Alex Holzman as series editor. (Alex’s name may already be familiar to you; he is director emeritus of Temple University Press.) The idea behind the series is simple. We believe that too much of what passes for debate on contemporary political, social, and economic issues focuses on “winning” rather than making sense. Points of View aims to enrich that debate with reasoned arguments and lively writing bent on encouraging a problem-solving consensus. Authors in the series may advocate specific solutions—but they will do so in the spirit of encouraging constructive exchange, not scoring points. If you are working on a project that might be appropriate for the series, Alex would like to hear from you. You can reach him at .

September 10, 2015--  A hearty congratulations to Jeffrey Paller, the 2015 winner of the African Politics Conference Group/Lynne Rienner Publishers Best Dissertation Award! Paller's dissertation, "African Slums: Constructing Democracy in Unlikely Places," asks crucial questions for the study of African politics: Why does local democracy succeed in some contexts but not others? How does African democracy work in practice? Based on thorough ethnographic fieldwork in three slums in Accra, Ghana, Paller argues that strong leadership, cross-ethnic norms of reciprocity, and state legal recognition influence the quality of democracy at the local level. He argues that how the slums were originally settled had important implications for local governance.

July 7, 2015--  We have a new examination-copy policy!  Electronic examination copies of paperbacks are free for 60 days (after which your access will cease) or you can pay $7.50 for perpetual access. If you prefer a print copy, paperback examination copies are available for $7.50 in the US and $15 elsewhere, shipping included. Hardcover examination copies are available at a 30% discount, plus shipping. Please limit your request to 3 books and include the name of your institution along with the name and number of the course, its anticipated enrollment, and when it will be offered. To request an exam copy, email