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Assessing the War on Terror

Mohammed Ayoob and Etga Ugur, editors
Assessing the War on Terror
ISBN: 978-1-58826-978-2
ISBN: 978-1-62637-097-5
2013/225 pages/LC: 2013005002
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"A fascinating collection of essays that critically analyze the effectiveness of US foreign policy in the decade since 9/11. This is a great addition for anyone seeking to understand the dilemmas and difficulties in prosecuting the 'war on terror.'" —Navin A. Bapat, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Was the US-led war on terror, especially the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, a necessary response to the September 11 terrorist attacks? What did the two invasions accomplish? How have the fortunes of al-Qaeda and like-minded organizations been affected? The authors of this important contribution to ongoing debates address these questions as they assess the impact and implications of the war on terror for the Middle East, for Europe, and for the United States itself.


Mohammed Ayoob is University Distinguished Professor of international relations at Michigan State University. His most recent publications include The Many Faces of Political Islam and Religion and Politics in Saudi Arabia. Etga Ugur is assistant professor of political science at the University of Washington, Tacoma.


  • Assessing the War on Terror—M. Ayoob.
  • The War on Terror: Comparisons with the Cold War—M.N. Katz.
  • Understanding al-Qaeda: Disentangling Myth from Reality—F.A. Gerges.
  • Afghanistan: The First Theater of the War—M. Semple.
  • Pakistan: Perfidious Ally in the War on Terror—C.C. Fair.
  • The Arab World: Grappling with Multiple Consequences—A. Flibbert.
  • Iran and Turkey: Pivotal Regional Powers—M. Ayoob.
  • Europe: Reinforcing Existing Trends—R. Coolsaet.
  • The United States: Civil Society’s Defense of the Rule of Law—D. Cole.
  • Trapped, or Not, in the Legacy of the War on Terror—I.S. Lustick.
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