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Men and Substance Abuse: Narratives of Addiction and Recovery

Judith Grant
Men and Substance Abuse: Narratives of Addiction and Recovery
ISBN: 978-1-935049-48-7
2012/182 pages/LC: 2011052463
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"Provides a valuable reference for graduate students as well as undergraduates or policy makers interested in addiction issues."—Contemporary Sociology

"Valuable and original … filled with surprising and revealing findings on men's multiple pathways to recovery. Grant deftly puts a human face on scientific inquiry."—Joseph Donnermeyer, Ohio State University


Judith Grant explores the experiences of men who grapple with drug and alcohol abuse, illuminating the interplay between individual identity and social environment that shapes the processes of addiction and recovery.

Grant draws on the voices of the men themselves as she traces and analyzes their paths to both addiction and desistance. Documenting the full sweep of their journeys, she also highlights the critical differences and similarities in the experiences of men and women.


Judith Grant is assistant professor of criminology, justice, and policy at University of Ontario Institute of Technology.


  • Men and Substance Abuse.
  • Exploring Addiction and Recovery.
  • Preaddiction Experiences.
  • Addiction.
  • Recovery.
  • Lessons Learned.