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Women in Alcoholics Anonymous: Recovery and Empowerment

Jolene M. Sanders
Women in Alcoholics Anonymous: Recovery and Empowerment
ISBN: 978-1-935049-08-1
2009/145 pages/LC: 2009008218
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"Excellent… This pathbreaking exploration of women’s experiences in AA is a pleasure to read. Sanders’s comprehensive and exemplary work will interest scholars of feminist, gender, and addiction and recovery studies."—Judith Grant, University of Ontario Institute of Technology


Can a recovery program like Alcoholics Anonymous inadvertently discourage women from seeking treatment? Are there ways that it can more effectively contribute to their sobriety? Combining individual personal narratives with statistical data, Jolene Sanders offers valuable insight into how women adapt the twelve-step program and interact with the masculine culture of AA in ways that allow them to conquer addiction and take control of their lives.


Jolene M. Sanders is assistant professor of sociology at Hood College.


  • Introduction: Why Alcoholism is a Feminist Issue.
  • Women and Alcoholism.
  • Women in Recovery.
  • Women’s Struggle with Surrender: Steps One through Three.
  • Women Cleaning House: Steps Four through Nine.
  • Women Passing it On: Steps Ten through Twelve.
  • Conclusion: Empowering Women, Collectively and Individually.