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Nixon’s FBI: Hoover, Watergate, and a Bureau in Crisis

Melissa Graves
Nixon’s FBI: Hoover, Watergate, and a Bureau in Crisis
ISBN: 978-1-62637-917-6
ISBN: 978-1-62637-920-6
2020/247 pages/LC: 2020014993

"A necessary reference for intelligence history aficionados—professionals and academics alike." —Raymond Batvinis, International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

"Nixon’s FBI [is] an important read." —James Robenalt, Washington Decoded

"A fascinating account of the FBI during a tumultuous period."—Richard M. Yon, US Military Academy


In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace. In 2020, Donald Trump was impeached. Both were investigated by the FBI, an agency under their control. How is it that the bureau is responsible for investigating the president it serves? How can it do so effectively? Nixon's FBI confronts these questions.

Melissa Graves draws on groundbreaking research and personal interviews with several of the agents involved to take us back to the time of the Watergate scandal. Her new perspective on J. Edgar Hoover's last days, his successor's tenure, and the many obstacles that FBI special agents faced from both their leadership and the White House reveals the always complex and often fraught relationship between the president and the FBI ... and makes palpable the ways that history repeats itself.


Melissa Graves is assistant professor of intelligence studies at The Citadel.


  • The FBI and the US Presidency.
  • Hoover's Sabotage and Nixon's Plumbers.
  • Protecting the Bureau's Jurisdiction.
  • The Bureau Under Scrutiny.
  • Hoover's Final Days.
  • Nixon's New Acting Director.
  • The Watergate Investigation.
  • The Past Informs the Present.