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The FBI Abroad: Bridging the Gap Between Domestic and Foreign Intelligence

Darren E. Tromblay
The FBI Abroad: Bridging the Gap Between Domestic and Foreign Intelligence
ISBN: 978-1-62637-902-2
ISBN: 978-1-62637-912-1
2020/277 pages/LC: 2020008496
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"Tromblay's [book] will change common perceptions about the FBI's role in fighting crime." —William T. Murphy, International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

"A fascinating book on the FBI's history abroad.... Essential reading for anyone interested in the bureau's international role." —David Oakley, National Defense University


How is it that the FBI, a domestic intelligence agency, operates beyond the US borders? What role does the bureau play in emerging democracies? In what ways does it contribute to US diplomacy and global security?

Darren Tromblay tackles these intriguing questions to assess the FBI's presence abroad, revealing the inextricable nature of domestic and foreign intelligence activities.


Darren E. Tromblay has served as an intelligence analyst with the US government since 2005.


  • A Global Domestic Intelligence Service.
  • Origins of the FBI’s Operations Abroad.
  • The Bureau’s Foreign Intelligence Legacy.
  • Diplomacy and Institution Building.
  • Oversight of International Programs.
  • Legal Attachés and the US Information Advantage.
  • Modern FBI Priorities.
  • On the Front Lines.
  • Abroad Advisedly: The Legat Program in the Twenty-First Century.