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The US Military in Africa: Enhancing Security and Development?

Jessica Piombo, editor
The US Military in Africa: Enhancing Security and Development?
ISBN: 978-1-62637-196-5
ISBN: 978-1-62637-452-2
2015/264 pages/LC: 2015510456
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"US Military in Africa is the most informative and comprehensive book on this subject. Simply put, it is the best thus far." —Jay Carr, H-War, H-Net Reviews

"Provides a compelling analysis and authoritative assessment of ... the USA's role in forging comprehensiveness in military, foreign and development policy."—Stefan Gänzle, Journal of Modern African Studies

"Determining what should and should not be U.S. policy aims in Africa and what the relationship between security and development actors should look like (if it should exist at all) is no easy task.... Those looking to explore these questions—and to debunk myths about AFRICOM'S capabilities and aims in Africa—would do well to read The US Military in Africa and to keep its critical reflections in mind." —Laura Seay, The Washington Post


Recent US security policy toward Africa has adopted a multidimensional approach—including the use of military assets to promote economic development and good governance—that has raised questions and generated considerable debate. Can actors like the US military develop appropriate methods to address both US and African interests? What blend of civilian and military programs are most likely to produce the best outcomes? And more fundamentally, is the military the appropriate actor to undertake governance and development projects?

The authors of The US Military in Africa explore these questions, providing an insightful combination of conceptual analysis and rich case studies.


Jessica Piombo is associate professor in the Department of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School.


  • Addressing Security Threats in Africa—J. Piombo.
  • The Military’s Role in Development—A.K. Talentino.
  • Evolving Civilian and Military Missions—J. Piombo.
  • Accountability: A Critical Link in the Security-Development Nexus—D.N. Sharp.
  • Security Sector Assistance in Africa, But Where is the Reform?—A.M. Walther-Puri.
  • Civil-Military Operations in East Africa: Coordinated Approaches—M. Farrell and J. Lee.
  • Maritime Security: The Africa Partnership Station in Ghana—A.R. Vernon and M. Hoar.
  • Civil Society and the US Africa Command—T. Crawford and T. Zwicker.
  • Toward More Effective Development Assistance—C.L. Bouchat.
  • Effectively Integrating Security and Development—G.W. Anderson.  
  • Pursuing Multidimensional Security—J. Piombo.