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A History of the Jews in Britain Since 1858

V.D. Lipman
This book is the first scholarly overview of Anglo-Jewish history covering the century and a half following the political emancipation in 1858 of the Jews in Britain, which is often viewed as a critical point in their history. V.D. Lipman studies the process by which the originally small Anglo-Jewish community expanded as a result of the mass immigration from Eastern Europe, assisting with the  More >

A Jewish Mother From Berlin [a novel] and Susanna [a novella]

Gertrud Kolmar, translated from the German by Brigitte M. Goldstein
In these two extraordinary works, published posthumously, Gertrude Kolmar's elegiac prose transports us into her characters' rich inner worlds even as it depicts the cold material realities of 1920s Berlin. In A Jewish Mother from Berlin, Martha Jadassohn's seemingly conventional life descends into chaos after the brutal rape of her five-year-old daughter. The ethereally beautiful  More >

A Lonely Woman: Forugh Farrokhzad and Her Poetry

Michael C. Hillmann
A sensitive study of a great poet, one of only a handful of women who gained renown during the past 2,500 years of Persian history. During her life in post-Moseddeq, pre-Khomeini Iran, Farrokhzad (1935–1967) demonstrated a unique tenacity in striving for artistic freedom and individuality. Hillmann borrows freely from Farrokhzad's poetry and letters to weave a complex tapestry of the  More >

A Matter of Self-Esteem and Other Stories

Carme Riera, translated by Roser Caminals-Heath with Holly Cashman
Carme Riera, hailed as a dominant literary force in Spain, has long merited recognition in other countries. Her prose, with all its intricacy, humor, and grace, has been skillfully transported from Castilian and Catalan to English, and has been brought to our shores with its riches intatct. The seven short stories in this collection focus on a broad range of characters—predominantly  More >

A Peacekeeper in Africa: Learning from UN Interventions in Other People’s Wars

Alan Doss
Alan Doss offers a rare window into the real world of UN peacekeeping missions in Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Doss's story is one of presidents and prelates, warlords and warriors, heroes and villains, achievements and disappointments—and innocent people caught in the midst of deadly violence. As he shares his front-line  More >

A Political Biography of Selby Msimang: Principle and Pragmatism in the Liberation Struggle

Sibongiseni M. Mkhize
Henry Selby Msimang (1886-1982), one of the great South Africans of the twentieth century, was a founding member of the African National Congress in 1912,  president of the pioneering Industrial and Commercial Workers Union in the 1920s-1930s, general secretary of the All African Convention in the 1930s, a member of the Natives Representative Council and provincial secretary of the Natal ANC  More >

A Primer in the Politics of Criminal Justice, 2nd edition

Nancy E. Marion
How does politics shape US government policies to control crime? How does the criminal justice system affect the activities of political actors? This lively text provides an overview of crime as a political issue and the impact of politics on US policymaking in the field of criminal justice. Recent policy responses to internet-related crimes are used as real-world examples of the political  More >

A Question of Values: Johan Galtung's Peace Research

Peter Lawler
In this first comprehensive and critical account of the development of Johan Galtung's thought, Peter Lawler places Galtung's work in the context of past and contemporary debates in international relations, political theory, and the social sciences more generally. The starting point of the book is an examination of the young Galtung's writings on sociology and the foundational model  More >

A Russian Mother [a novel]

Alain Bosquet, translated by Barbara Bray and with an afterword by Germaine Brée
At the core of A Russian Mother lies the profound ambivalence of two people who are chillingly remote yet obsessively attached. This painful symbiosis between a mother and son takes shape in fragments, as the narrative jumps back and forth in time until the late1970s. The narrator provides the psychological threads that unify the haphazard chronology, the chaotic uprootings, and the conflicting  More >

A Small Place in Galilee: Religion and Social Conflict in an Israeli Village

Zvi Sobel
Zvi Sobel's absorbing book draws readers into the world of Yavneel, a small Israeli village that is home to several diverse communities: the established core of settler-farmers, new immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, and, since 1986, the ultraorthodox Bratslav Hasidim. Yavneel has become a microcosm of Israeli society at large, reflecting the country's social, religious,  More >
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