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The Golden Phoenix: Seven Contemporary Korean Short Stories

Suh Ji-moon, translator and editor

These seven stories, dramatic and thought-provoking, provide a compelling picture of Korean life in the 1940s–1990s. Family and community ties, respect for tradition, survival in the face of repeated national disasters and wrenching social upheaval—these are among the themes evoked in the collection. The narratives make palpable the lives and emotions of characters from many differing    More >

The Seventh Door and Other Stories

Intizar Husain, editor; with an introduction by Muhammad Umar Memon

These powerful stories were written between 1947, when Pakistan was created, and 1971, when it was fragmented by the creation of Bangladesh as an independent nation. Steeped in an unmistakable Shi’ite ambiance, they also draw freely on memoirs and memories, dreams and visions, Middle Eastern oral traditions, and Hindu and Buddhist mythology.    More >

Attar of Roses and Other Stories of Pakistan

Tahira Naqvi

"Not sure if he were imagining it or if it were indeed real, he inhaled a familiar scent, rose attar, the fragrance that had consumed him in his sleeping and waking hours.... she was there! He spotted and recognized the black sandals, saw the hands, pale and lovely, the black glass bangles catching the light of the sun like flames leaping out in the darkness."—Excerpt from    More >

Attar of Roses and Other Stories of Pakistan

Lane With No Name: Memoirs and Poems of a Malaysian-Chinese Girlhood

Hilary Tham

Hilary Tham's memoirs reveal the many images, cultures, myths, and memories out of which her poetry has emerged. Tham recalls a life of many textures: her Chinese ancestry, her family's life in Malaysia, her early education and conversion to Christianity, her university studies, marriage to a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, and more. Amidst memories of her raffish father and inspired, overworked    More >

Men and Other Strange Myths: Poems and Art

Hilary Tham

Through birthright, travel, marriage, and work, Hilary Tham has experienced an extraordinary range of world cultures, all vibrantly reflected in her latest collection of poems. Tham’s insights and unusual juxtapositions tell of the meetings of strangers, friends, and lovers; the clashes of differing religions and cultures; and the eternal conflict and misunderstanding between men and women,    More >

Singular Stories: Tales from Singapore

Robert Yeo, editor

At the beginning of the 1980s, Singapore’s public relied largely on a literary diet of traditional British and North American authors. By 1990, however, books by Singaporeans were rapidly replacing imports on the bestseller lists and in the review columns. Singular Stories exemplifies the range of the new Singaporean prose. The pieces in this diverse collection explore the conflict between    More >

The Tale of the Old Fisherman: Contemporary Urdu Short Stories

edited and with an introduction by Muhammad Umar Memon

These twelve stories set in modern Pakistan capture the rich Urdu literary tradition, telling close, personal tales of family relationships, love, spirituality, dreams, and the interactions between members of different races and religions. A discussion of contemporary Urdu literature introduces the volume. The authors included in the collection are Zamiruddin Ahmad, Khalida Asghar, Masud Ashar,    More >

Pears from the Willow Tree [a novel]

Violet Dias Lannoy, edited by C.L. Innes, with an introduction by Richard Lannoy and an afterword by Peter Nazareth

Seb, the protagonist of this Goan-Indian novel, is a member of the Indian “lost generation” caught between cultures, religions, and epochs. Struggling against the Western-style materialism and spiritual corruption he sees everywhere in the postimperial era, he becomes a teacher at a Gandhian-inspired school in the interior. There, both he and his “slow” students embark on a    More >

The Everlasting Rock [a novel]

Feng Zong-Pu, translated by Aimee Lykes

This political, and darkly romantic novel centers on Mei Puti, a "forty-something" professor of literature, who suffers during the Cultural Revolution because of her heritage as part of the old elite.    More >

The Everlasting Rock [a novel]

Paper Boats

Hilary Tham

This is the volume that first presented Hilary Tham’s unique voice to the world literary scene. Described vividly and compassionately, Tham’s colorful cast of characters includes a Cantonese grandfather who repaired ships under water, but now refuses to go into the sea; a strong-willed grandmother with bound feet but an unbounded mind; and a mother who arranges a marriage between her    More >

The Coloured Bangles & Other Short Stories

Saloni Narang

Narang describes India as a land that lives simultaneously in several centuries, “accepting much and rejecting nothing.” It is a place of contrasts and contradictions, “where volatile emotions see-saw against a phlegmatic acceptance of the writ of fate.” Her stories, set in northern India—sometimes in the westernized homes of the educated elite, sometimes in the mud    More >